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Juhala is a personal stylist. When her husband was transferred to Frankfurt, Germany, for a five-year stint, the Austrian-born Juhala was quickly enlisted by German handbag manufacturer George Gina and Lucy to help promote their bags in the United States. They wanted to gain access to the U.S. market, Juhala said. What she thought would be a flexible job became a fulltime career, with trips to New Yorks Fashion Week and markets in Los Angeles and Las Vegas. Juhala discovered more unique European brands that wanted to become known to US consumers. European style is unique, Juhala said. Vendors were ready to actively promote their goods to American shoppers. The idea for Ella + Rubi developed from Juhalas experience with European vendors and the womens enjoyment of broadening their worldwide fashion horizons. We look for niche products that tell a story, Radich said. Before we select an item we ask ourselves, would we wear it? We have some of the same clothes, but wear them differently.

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Kirsten Justesen, Portræt I Arkiv Med Samling [Portrait in cabinet with collection], 2013, National Museum of Women in the Arts, Gift of Montana Møbler A/S Close share panel The Whitechapel Gallery's new show, Terrains of the Body, uses photographs from the collection of the National Museum of Women in the Arts. Nan Goldin The Terrains of the Body exhibition showcases photography and video from the National Museum of Women in the Arts, in Washington DC, featuring 17 artists from across the globe. Nan Goldin's gritty portraits of her friends and lovers explore the highs and lows of relationships. (Self-Portrait in Kimono with Brian, NYC, 1983) Hellen van Meene Hellen van Meene is best known for portraits such as this, with teenage girls as her subject. (Untitled (83), 2000) Marina Abramovic Marina Abramovic uses her own body as the subject of her art. (The Hero, 2001) Kirsten Justesen Kirsten Justesen, of Denmark, trained in classical sculpture, but now works across genres from performance to installation. (Portaet I Arkiv Med Samling [Portrait in cabinet with collection], 2013) Charlotte Gyllenhammar Charlotte Gyllenhammar's art often turns things upside down. (Fall III, 1999) Daniela Rossell Daniela Rossell's work captures the lavish lives of Mexico's ultra-rich. (Medusa, from the Ricas y famosas series, 1999) Icelandic Love Corporation The Icelandic Love Corporation is a group of three artists who met at the Icelandic College of Art and Crafts in 1996, and whose works look at femininity through humour.

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